With over 20 years of experience, we’ve learned that the more you know and the better prepared you are, the more likely it is that you will make your relocation a success. We manage the whole process—helping families to minimise the upheaval, and companies to maintain their policies and achieve the outcomes they require from assignments. Our comprehensive services support relocating individuals, families and employees from all over the world relocate succesfully to China.

Proven Customer Satisfaction

Our service orientated team will conduct a thorough assesment to understand our client’s needs and interests in order to fully optimize the time and process to relocate them to the far East. Integrity, Trust, Respect and Compliance are highly valued at JRE.

Experienced & Multilingual Team

Our experienced team of foreigners and Chinese nationals will assist our clients by relocating smoothly to Shanghai. We will advise and create custom made relocation packages to make sure that our client will optimize the time during this hectic process.

Advanced Payments

Our in-house accountants can manage the distribution of payments for our clients to various channels. We will provide our corporate clients with monthly and quarterly payment reports on rentals, tuitions, utilities and other related payments.

Quality Control Team

Our Quality Control Team will continuesly follow up on our clients needs, and will solve any issue which may occur during the relocation or after settling in. Building a strong customer relationship is a JRE engagement.

Strong Real Estate Background

Our real estate background dates from 1993. Who better to have as your realtor than our highly energized and experienced consultants who will go above and beyond your expectations in finding your perfect new home?

Innovative Systems

At JRE, we believe that innovation is the key to a smooth relocation. Our user friendly relocation tracking and management system offers powerful reporting functions and is free of charge for our corporate clients.

Cost Competitive

Our multiple relocation packages and large property database give us the confidence to say that we can relocate anyone with any relocation package.

China Nationwide Coverage

Our nationwide coverage allows us to serve our clients anywhere in China. Our well established and wide network makes us capable to assist you in any remote location. Besides our extensive coverage, we can discover new locations for our clients and advise on relocation to there or not.

"Very much satisfied with the service of JRE. The consultants are professional and knowledgeable.”

“The JRE team has done an excellent job. They have gone way beyond what was expected and worked hard. There’s not a bad thing about JRE.”

“I have been extremely pleased with the considerable effort and level of service provided by the agent. She has done an excellent job in both the property search and in assisting with the moving-in procedures.”

"JRE has supplied an excellent service and we are very satisfied with their performance. JRE helped us through the whole process. They are very efficient and professional.”

I am very pleased with the support provided by JRE ; they have been very helpful in making our arrival and stay in Shanghai easier and enjoyable.

My property consultant is still professionally serving the needs of my apartment promptly whenever requested.  Thumbs'up for that !!

I am getting great service from JRE's agents and am very satisfied. Thanks for the support. 

The agent was punctual, knowledgeable, responsive, professional and provided great guidance. He has been doing a great job so far – thank you!