As soon as we receive your request, a JRE consultant will be dedicated to you and provides you with a fully comprehensive relocation service, from before you arrive in China, till your departure to your home country.

Area Orientation/Look and see trip 

This tour is intended to introduce you and your family to China, its customs and culture. We will take you to popular neighborhoods and will show you properties which fit your requirements. This tour will make you and your family’s decision of accepting the assignment to the destination city easier. A change of environment is not easy and can be a challenge, therefore, our custom made tour is tailored let you experience what your life in China could be like.

  • Meet & greet at the airport
  • Overview of main (expat) areas
  • Explain local Real Estate market
  • Inform about daily life in destination city
  • Provide Welcome Package
  • Viewings of sample properties available within areas of interest
  • Accompanied area tour of destination consultant vehicle

Information provided on

  • Transportation
  • Shopping options
  • Medical facilities
  • Places of worship
  • Recreational amenities