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1 Temporary Housing

We arrange housing visits and coordinate for temporary accommodation or hotel bookings to facilitate your transition before you can permanently stay in China.

2 Furniture Rental

During this accompanied program, we make appointments with suppliers or designers on communications of preferred furnishings on style and budget for both purchased and tailored-made furniture for long-term usage.

  • • Assist by leasing furniture
  • • Select furniture leasing vendors
  • • Accompany & advise you by choosing furniture
  • • Assist by checking & signing furniture leasing contract
  • • Monitor the logistics & be onsite during furniture arrival
  • • Assist by leasing furniture
  • • Assist by returning furniture by departure
3 Car Rental

We recommend suppliers with good credit to introduce suitable vehicles based on your demand. We will support on all formalities for both purchasing and leasing a car.

  • • Assist with car rental
  • • Select car rental companies
  • • Accompany & advise you by choosing a car
  • • Assist by checking & signing car rental contract
  • • Monitor the logistics & be onsite during car arrival
  • • Assist by returning the car by departure
4 Maid Service

We recommend diverse reliable Maid Service companies with Mandarin and/or English proficiency with a proven track record of good service delivery.

  • • Assist with Maid Service
  • • Select Maid Service companies
  • • Arrange Maid interviews
  • • Accompany & advise you by choosing a maid
  • • Assist by checking & signing Service Agreement
  • • Be onsite during first work day of the maid to explain what you want
  • • Assist by ending Service Agreement
5 Cross Cultural Training

Although large-scale movement of corporate executives may be a thing of the past, companies continue to send key personnel on assignments abroad. This may be a senior appointment or part of a person's career development. In most cases, the family goes too. We offer diverse inter-cultural training programs covering different topics to meet the needs of expatriate managers and their families. These relocation culture briefings are tailored to the specific situation of you and your family, to give a full introduction to living and working in China.

6 Language Training

To help equip expatriates like you and your family with local language communication capabilities, we offer a variety of Chinese Language Programs to meet your specific requirements. To optimize learning results and ensure a solid learning process, a systemized end-to-end process is in place, including needs analysis, language level assessment, customized course design, achievement tests and a final report.

  • • Select language training companies
  • • Accompany & advise you by choosing a language school
  • • Assist you by subscribing for language course
7 Spouse Career Assistance

This program is aimed to help spouses find an employment in a new country according to the skills of expatriate, industry and location of previous job. These services may include:

  • • Assist with CV, Résumé & cover letter
  • • Develop professional networking contacts
  • • Identify potential employers
  • • Entrepreneur support
  • • Research for volunteer organizations
  • • Research on freelance opportunities
  • • Continue education courses
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